Web Portals

Web Portals

Rich online experiences for your staff, customers or partners alike.

Web Portals

Does it feel like your organisation is swamped in mundane paper work? Reduce your administrative costs significantly by letting your partners or customers access their own self-service centre.

Provide a customisable online portal that leverages an organised, searchable knowledgebase to deliver real-time updates, consistent answers to service questions, product and service information and documentation.

Easily create a consistent and seamless experience for your customers, or create unique portals for each one of your compliance requirements.

At New-Avenue we can help you implement the best Self Service Centre Solution using industry standard software solutions like PivotCentral and the enterprise software from Microsoft.

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The Possibilities

  • Proactively reduce repetitive tasks on high-cost channels
  • Provide 24/7 self-service access to information
  • Deliver consistent answers across multiple channels
  • Allow partners to download orders or work requests online
  • Build in KPI management for reviewing partner quality
  • Automate compliance reports and share online
  • Automate notifications of risk