Compliance Management Solutions

Compliance Management Solutions

Keeping your company compliant can be a real headache, unless you use the right compliance management solution.

Compliance Management Solutions

Keeping your company ISO compliant and adhering to government regulations can be a real headache. Use a compliance portal and reduce your administrative costs dramatically while ensuring your company stays compliant.

We implement compliance solutions to increase operational efficiency and avoid risk. Minimising time needed to comply with regulatory requirements can be key to ensuring that your company is able to reduce compliance risks.

At New-Avenue we can help you implement the best of breed Compliance Software Solution using industry standard software solutions like PivotCentral and the enterprise software from Microsoft.

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The Possibilities

  • Securely integrate with your company’s data sources
  • Automatically generate regulatory reports
  • Receive compliance reminders through email or txt
  • Safely archive your declarations
  • Instant overview of your compliance costs through your dashboard
  • Bill Of Material and Bill of Substance management
  • Online Document Control
  • Quality control flow